Where no eyes can see

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A raped and murdered boy. A desperate father who was never cleaned from suspiscion. A city where everyone seems to know, but everyone is lying.

When the surly and prejudiced commissioner Ewert Truut is allowed to return to Stockholm after a few years command to a small town, it is on one condition – that he takes on cold cases and solves them.

To his horror, Truut discovers that he is not allowed to work alone. His new co-workers, the handsome Carolina Herrera and the computer genius Måns Schmidt, both have to work hard to convince Truut that he needs them.

The mission begins in the small city of Mariefred and Truut soon notices that the trio is not welcome. Who is telling the truth about Mattias’ death ten years ago – the boy’s mother, the teacher, the former police chief or the gangster who became a lawyer?

Truut must restore his honor by resolving the case. At the same time, he fights against inner demons and is repeatedly confronted with his prejudices, which leads to more than one surprise.

Manuscript available in Swedish and English.