Where the ravens cry

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The grumpy but warm-hearted commissioner Ewert Truut gets another stab at the throat. The daughter of a rich businessman disappears without a trace from Stockholm, the kidnappers soon come with unreasonably high demands and Ewert has no leads to follow. Together with associates Carolina Herrera and Richard Kahn, Truut begins a new, seemingly hopeless battle against uncomprehending bosses who do not want to help him get the ransom while time is running out. He must take care of his pets, including the newly arrived parrot Per Albin, and cultivate the love relationship with the married cardiologist Rebecca.

When Truut receives a box with horrific contents, just before another rich man’s daughter is kidnapped, the pressure on his group increases to the maximum. Ewert’s sharp mind combined with a dose of luck leads him on the right track, to an action-packed and deadly dangerous rescue attempt of the kidnapped girl.