Who can find Putte?

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In the house opposite five-year-old Francis lives Aunt Aina and her budgie Putte, and on the floor below them lives the monster Lundin. When Francis goes up to visit Aina he has to sneak, otherwise Lundin opens his door and screams at him!

One day when Francis is playing at Aina’s house, Putte disappears. Aina is completely desperate and the worst thing is that it is Francis’s fault. After all, he forgot to close the balcony door! What should Francis do now? Maybe they can get help from unexpected places? The scary monster may not be so scary after all.

Ester Roxberg and Elisabet Ericson have created an exciting and warm story with their first joint picture book for children. A book about friendship across the generational boundaries, that everyone needs someone, and that lost things can be found again.