Anders Ström
Anders Ström

Anders Ström is an author and he also writes in papers and magazines. He writes about people, finances and investments in a way that gives both knowledge and inspiration. With a focus on meetings with people, personal stories and portrayals of experiences from vineyards to start-ups and gold mines, he reflects a time that is in constant motion.
Since autumn 2017, Anders is also editor-in-chief of Magasinet Vin & Bar.

He has written and participated in a number of  books; The phenomenon of Ingvar Kamprad, Sweden’s most powerful families, Priceless values and more.

Anders has studied Cultural Science Line at Stockholm University, has an MBA from the School of Economics and Business Administration (2008-2010) and has attended writing courses at Poppius and RMI Berghs.

He was active as publisher during ten years in the 1990s for activities within Norstedts and Rabén & Sjögren.