Lena Skogholm

Lena Skogholm is a behavioral scientist and educator, and for the past 25 years has specialized in how we concretely can use brain research as a guide in everyday relationships and also for ourselves. She is named one of the 100 most popular lecturers in Sweden and won the Stora Talarpriset (Great Speaker Award) 2021.

With pedagogical finesse, she transforms advanced brain research into a guide for the interaction between us humans and for ourselves so that research becomes directly useful in daily life. Lena Skogholm is the author behind the successful books Bemötandekoden (The Connection Code) and Livkoden (LifeCode) according to the brain, which together have sold over 85,000 copies. In November 2023, her latest book The Code to the Teenage Brain was published. She has also written a number of shorter manuals in the book series 10 tips.

She is published in a wide range of countries.