The Code of the Teenage Brain

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A book that will change your view of teenagers and give you tools that will make the this time of life less complicated.

In this book, you are offered a fascinating journey of discovery into the teenage brain, which gives you many aha experiences and high recognition. Useful tips and tools are linked to the research so that you can directly benefit from the knowledge.

Pedagogically, scientifically substantiated, fun and personal with vivid examples, Lena Skogholm describes the teenage brain part by part and gives you a variety of concrete tools, tips and advice so that you can cooperate with the conditions of the teenage brain. They make life easier for both you and the teenager, your relationship becomes better and your dialogue smoother.

During adolescence, a total remodeling of the brain takes place and it can be confusing for everyone when it “hits” the teenager. But the more you know and understand about what happens in the teenage brain, the easier it is for both you and the teenager. It literally gives you “inside information” about what happens during the teenage years.

Here, the old truth that it is the hormones that control the teenager is also punctured. The research shows that it is the teenage brain’s way of functioning that mainly affects the teenager’s behaviour.

The Code of the Teenage Brain is a practical handbook while providing revealing insights into the latest research on the teenage brain. Up-to-date and easily accessible!