Lillan & Tiss searching for chocolate trees

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Lillan & Tiss searching for chocolate trees is a childrens’ book about how Lillan & Tiss travels around the world to find out facts about things they usually buy at the grocery store or get out of the kitchen cabinet but never seen in reality. So, first out is chocolate. Why is chocolate really brown? Join Lillian & Tiss on an exciting and cheerful journey in the cocoa jungle, where they learn how chocolate beans becomes chocolate and how chocolate gets its brown color. When finished, you can make your own Indian chocolate or bake a tasty chocolate cake.

“I, who wrote this book, is Anna-Sofia Winroth. I work with chocolate on a daily basis. On my travels I have seen how teaching and informaton creates a positive change, and hopefully, the story of Lillan & Tiss will inspire the reader, children as well as adults, to choose organic and ethical chocolate. And of course, when it comes to other food as well … “