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In the middle of the mail pile on Marie Lindsj√∂’s hall carpet in Solna outside Stockholm, a padded envelope is waiting. At the same time, Niklas and Gabriel are having a beer and a chat, reflecting on life, how it turned out.

Not far from there, in a bright and fresh apartment in Stockholm’s inner city, Ylva tries to cope with the fact that it is spring and that Niklas no longer lives with her and her daughter.

When Marie opens the padded envelope, she discovers that fate, or if it is Aunt Greta, has pointed out a direction for her; Solviken, a colorful renovation object in the Roslagen archipelago. Marie, feeling how the forty-year crisis is approaching rapidly, knows that she has nothing to lose, and throws herself into the unknown.

It will be a tumultuous external and internal journey, not only for her but also for Niklas, Ylva and Gabriel whom she meets along the way and whose fates are intertwined with hers.

Solviken is a warm relationship novel about the longing for love and confirmation and about daring to win.