Maximilian Svensson

At the age of eight, Maximilian Svensson noticed a book with watercolor paintings by artist Lars Lerin at the home of his grandparents. That’s how it all started.
From the age of five or six, he has painted in acrylic, his father Niclas paints in oil and is an industrial designer. The artistic interest is great and the creativity can be found among several familiy members. During  travels the family like to go to different big cities and they always visit museums and art halls.
Shortly after Maxi met the works of Lars Lerin in the book, his parents gave him some watercolor paint and since then he has been painting and creating with watercolors. Today Maxi is absolute sure he wants to get as much education as possible and that he wants to become a watercolor painter, a professional artist.

In 2016 Maxi was invited to have his own exhibition at Lars Lerin Art Hall Sandgrund in Karlstad and in 2019 he was invited to show his works Åland Art Museum.

Now Maxi is 17 years old and he continues to create and paint. And the world around him, well, we continue to be amazed.

Maximilian has worked with illustrations of two books by Ester Roxberg.