Ester Chiedza Roxberg

Ester Chiedza Roxberg decided to become a writer already at the age of seven,  and her literary carrier took off for real when she was awarded The Small August Prize for her poem Watch out little man, soon it will slam (Se upp lilla människa för snart smäller det) in 2004.

Her book, My father Ann-Christine – the Memory of a Secret (Min pappa Ann-Christine) is a story based on her own reality, and how much do we really know about our parents? In the year of 2010, 58-year-old priest and father of three, Åke Roxberg comes out as Ann-Christine, who today lives as a woman. This is the daughter Esther‘s story about what happens when you suddenly have a father named Ann-Christine. The book was nominated as Book of the year at the QX Gaygala and the movie based on the book premiered in 2020.

She was born in Zimbabwe, after growing up in a small town in south of Sweden, she is now living in Malmö.